What does it mean to be stress free?

It is a given now that stress is bad for you – but what do we do about it? More to the point, What do we really understand by the ‘S’ word?  I have a strong suspicion that we all live such

S-ed lives that we have no idea what living without it could possibly mean for us.

Swimming in my local pool today (a friend calls her morning wet workout “swogging”)  I did an experiment. Normally I can get irritated early in the morning by aggressive swimmers or just too many in the pool. This a.m. I decided to just stay aware and present in my body and go at my own speed.  Simple enough you may think but the distractions are out there – whether bumping into someone by mistake or trying to overtake someone who is just a bit slower.

I focused on my solar plexus and hara (belly) as I listened for my gut feelings about how my body wanted to swim. I thought of being a squid, a turtle and their unhurriedness and connection with the element of water. As I focused into my body I could sense that I was surrounded by an external protective field that I imagined to be slightly less dense than physicality, more fluidic, that was reinforced by the sweeping movement of my arms in a crawl or backstroke. I noticed that I was beginning to feel much more comfortable with myself. Brain had gone into idling mode and there was more of a sense of enjoyment instead of the usual “must do” aspect to the morning swim. At the end I felt refreshed and “together”.

So what is happening here?

Focusing into the body brings us into present time – not the doing but the being.  Moving in that presence I also become present to my life and move instinctively and with more awareness. My brain is not worrying about what I have to do next with the result that all sorts of interesting sensations can emerge. The big S is produced when we are not present to our bodies because we are pulled here and there by internal and external demands. In a recent video Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is asked  the question “how do I love myself?”. We are told that “the first act of love is breathe  and know we have a body” and that “it is the seat of consciousness, If you can get in touch with your body you can get in touch with the cosmos” and joy is the result.

As a Shiatsu practitioner I am always finding that my clients are not grounded or earthed. Everything is being processed through the head.  At the end of a session, even with regulars, I hear the same phrases: “I feel more myself”, “I am clearer in the head now – the fuzziness has gone”. “Lighter” is another common word. They have connected up into that body they have forgotten has been carrying them around all their lives!  The more we can really remember and reconnect to our bodies, treating  them with respect and a listening attention, the more we will feel joy in our lives -  and the Big S will become an increasingly infrequent presence.

Click there to watch Thich Nat Hanh video


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