What is health?

what is healthFor thousands of years we have been struggling to understand the human body and how it works. Yet despite our now apparently complex knowledge, one step forward can often signify two steps back. The more we discover, the more mysterious the human system seems to be (and indeed the world in which we live), subject to laws beyond our comprehension.

Apparently health does not just depend on taking specific remedial actions but is contingent on how we are as thinking, feeling individuals. Every one of us is a unique and complex being whose story needs to be unravelled. All too often physical symptoms often have emotional and psychological components that can delay recovery.

Who each one of us are today is the result of an accumulation of experiences, physical, mental and emotional, some good and others not so good. Some are linked way back to birthing patterns, others to do with our family upbringing, to accidents or just continued daily stress. But even in the most difficult of situations it is generally accepted that the body moves towards health. Today though we accept this “healing power of nature” how much do we really trust it? To do so we need to make a journey inwards, to become more conscious of the body-mind.

John Upledger, the doctor who took craniosacral out of the osteopathic domain distinguishes between “curing” by the doctor and “healing” which is up to the individual. Craniosacral works with this healing aspect which is more than just “getting better”. It is essentially a journey of self-discovery. Why does a particular symptom seem impervious to diagnosis or an ailment keep repeating? Why did I make that choice? How strange that this part of my body hurts when I am not expressing my real feelings.

Allowing ourselves to drop down into a deep place of relaxation and stillness; this is the path back to our own truth wherein lies our healing. This is returning to source. To which, of course, at this profound level, we are always connected.



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