Chinese Heritage is the website for Zhixing Wang’s school of Dao Hua qigong style which is both transformative and artistic.daoyin tu shiatsu

“Qigong originated in the preliterate society of China some 5000 years ago. It is said to be the root of all Chinese medicine as well as the basic method through which the subtle energy body was first observed and mapped, leading to the the system of meridians and points used by acupuncturists and bodyworkers. The earliest recorded Qigong is the practice of imitating the sound and movement of animals, such as the deer or bear, to develop the special powers perfected in each animal.”

“Qigong differs from most western trainings in its emphasis on relaxation and not-trying as key methods. Yet within the field of Qigong there are many and varied styles ranging from the sitting and meditative through to the exuberant and martial. It is the subject of extensive research in China and is fast gaining ground in the west both as a method of health maintenance and as a path of personal spiritual growth.”
(From Qigong Southwest)

Image above: Reproduction of the Daoyin Tu (“Guiding and pulling exercises”) silk scroll found in a Han Dynasty tomb in 1973 at Mawangdui, Hunan Province, China. Dating back to 168 BC or even earlier, these exercises based on animal movements were used to stimulate and nurture the qi.



Well Mothershiatsu links birth and beyond was founded by Suzanne Yates in 1990 to support women in what many in the field describe as an increasingly medicalised approach to birth. She has seen it as her task to empower both mums and practitioners in the field of birth support through courses and workshops both here and abroad. The message is getting through and Bristol now has a strong community of committed doulas, midwives and practitioners who strongly believe in giving power back to the mum and - don’t let’s forget - the baby!

I always recommend the use of an exercise ball during pregnancy. It is comfortable to lie on, perhaps while watching TV, and helps the mum to be to remember the importance of keeping belly down where possible. This is to avoid the possibility of the weight of your baby lying against your spine. This can become increasingly uncomfortable and not the optimum position for birthing! So when you turn in bed remember to turn downwards and get in practice for being on all fours! These balls can be bought from Born Direct, either online or in their Bristol shop where you can find masses of organic and ethically sourced products for you and your baby.


Birthing from WithinBIRTHING FROM WITHIN

Every pregnant mum has a library of books telling her what to expect month by month. I would highly  recommend a more personal book that helps you get a handle on the spiritual and emotional side of birth - something which seems to get left out of many of the “how to” books. Birthing from Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz focuses on the mother’s creativity and deepest feelings as an essential preparation for birth. The current medicalisation of birth can disempower women. This book helps to even the balance by handing back the reins to the person who knows best - the mum-to-be!



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