Shiatsu for mums & babies

Pregnancy and labour

babyDuring the nine months of maternity the mother’s energetic system is having to work extremely hard. Enormous changes are taking place which throw her body out of balance while they draw deeply on her reserves of energy. Apart from coping with these physical changes, mums-to–be are also having to adapt to their new role as mothers. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if mum is working and used to her independence.

An essential aspect of pregnancy is the bonding between the baby and mother. It is being increasingly realised how early the unborn child can connect energetically through the mother to the world outside. Often she is working till quite late on in the pregnancy and has had little time to make that connection. I usually tell pregnant clients that I am quite clear that I am working on two people – not just one!

During the treatment we will also practice breathing exercises that you can use at home.

Have a look at the links section for some helpful suggestions for pregnancy and labour.

As I am not allowed to describe how Shiatsu can help with the above aspects of pregnancy and the classic ailments due to the 2011 ASA regulations, do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for any information!


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